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Auto Keys Wirral provides a fast response to all customers needing car key programming. Our vans are fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment, as well as transponder key programming equipment to repair or replace broken or lost car keys.

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To put it simply, a transponder key is an accessory that comes with the car to provide a radio transmission link between the car and the key. This allows the key to be programmed to start one specific car, reducing opportunities for theft. A car cannot be driven without it’s transponder key.

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Do All Cars Have An Immobiliser?

The transponder chip is incorporated into the top of the car key in most modern cars. It has been a legal requirement for a vehicle to be fitted with an immobiliser system, for which a transponder key is required since 1995. This system is a microchip that contains a serial number that is unique to that key. When inserted into the ignition, the key transmits an electronic request to the engine control units (ECU) and the immobiliser box, which then allow the car to start. If the car doesn’t recognize the serial number as the one it was programmed with, it won’t respond to the message and the car won’t start.

You don’t need to go back to the dealer or have your car towed anywhere. Just call out your local car locksmith, Auto Keys Wirral, and we will be there to get you back on the road in no time. One phone call and you can put your mind at ease, as Auto Keys Wirral will come out to you and take care of the rest. We offer car key programming for most vehicles on the road.

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